New Release: [Suzumiya_Haruhi-_-Taida_Life_Spindle_1v2[Doujin](Non-hentai)

Posted in Dojinshi, New Release on February 28, 2011 by BKMDOG21

We have a non-hentai doujinshi (NO PORN) release for everyone today. Recross wanted to translate it and releases it so we did it’s based on Suzumiya Haruhi not a bad doujin either i personally can’t wait until book 2 also this will be a irc only release for the next 3 days you can join us in our channel at #blahmanga on the Rizon network.Also we would like to welcome JackFroast as our xdcc bot distro boss it’s thanks to him that we can once again have a xdcc bot if you see him online tell him thank you.I have already put all the releases i know of on it with the help of Recross.


Note: For those of you who d/led this i removed taht extra page 5 please download again i’m sorry about this.Because of this was my fault i’m giving you guy the DDL 1 day early.also don’t forget to leave comments

>> Suzumiya_Haruhi-_-Taida_Life_Spindle_1v2[Doujin](Non-hentai)[BLAH]


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Hello everyone i’m posting to let all of you know that Blahmanga is no longer on Irchighway network we moved to the rizon network the channel name is the same just need to update your server info. Also i have some good news for everyone we have a xdcc bot again thanks to JackFroast and there will be a new release later this weekend.I would also like to point out a new release rule so everyone will know ahead of timeall new releases will be irc only for the first 3 days after the third day I will add the DDL link.

Rubber 7 update

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Hello everyone i have good news blahmanga and evetaku will be doing rubber 7 asa joint project so you can expect some more rubber 7 soon. Also Blahmanga is moveing it’s irc channel to the rizon net work and Jackfrost was kind in donating a xdcc botonce the bot is ready i will begin uploading blah manga’s releases to it.


Rubber Seven

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Okay here is what is going on i asked abcd the translator that helped me with the one page in chapter 24 (see the credit page) if he can help me out and translate rubber 7 sadly he said no cause right now he’s working on to many projects and can’t at this time.So with that said now i ask you the fans i know that maybe a few of you are with another scanlation group and if so and if you can maybe we can do a joint project we just need someone to translate from Japanese to English we will do the rest. if you are interested either contact me on irc I’m in the irc chan like 95% of the time or just leave a comment and i’ll get back to you. i would really like to keep bring you guys rubber seven at normal releases schedule.



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Yes that’s right blah is releasing a file after so long. But not sure when the next one will be will be more of a update on that later on here is the long awaited Rubber Seven v3 ch24 i hope you all enjoy and i also hope u all had a Merry X-Mas and please have a safe New Years.

>> Rubbers_Seven_v03_c24[BLAH]


New Amnesia Labyrinth

Posted in Amnesia Labyrinth, New Release on October 16, 2010 by BKMDOG21

Sorry for the long wait there was a lot of problems for the staff working on this chapters and Translation problems
but finally here you go and enjoy. ^_^

>> Amnesia Labyrinth_v02_ch06[KnA][BLAH]


Emu Emu dropped

Posted in News on June 10, 2010 by recross

Nothing special. The translation scripts were done, the raws were ready. We were missing cleaners and editors to do the job. Then someone else picked up Emu Emu before we actually finished it up. So Emu Emu is now dropped, before it even started.

On the other hand, Amnesia Labyrinth is further delayed for a little while since KnA staff has some personal problems and the script has some proofing issues that needs to be worked out.